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What Are Some Examples Of Lebanese Street Food?

The best way for you to experience the flavors of Lebanon is to savor the street food style. The food served at these stands is part of our culture for a number of millennia. It’s no wonder that people love to eat in the summer months when everything about this country is fresh. From the flowers that are sold in close proximity, vendors selling their goods everywhere or even sitting near an open flame pit to share stories under the night skies. There’s nothing more satisfying than the taste of what local chefs can give you.

Shish Kebabs

The most traditional Lebanese version of shish kebab is prepared with lamb that’s been marinated in a mix consisting mainly of garlic, salt pepper, and your chosen spices. The meat is then skewered with vegetables such as capsicum, onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Finally, it’s grilled to perfection. These meals can be taken with you and can be eaten anywhere in the world, even when on the move.


The delicious taste of a Shawarma sandwich is awe-inspiring. It’s made from thin, horizontally sliced marinated meat that’s been slow-roasted on a skewer for hours and paired perfectly between lamb or chicken among other things like lettuce tomatoes onion pickles tahini sauce.

The best sandwich! You can buy them from any placeregardless of whether they have “ifice” written on their doors since these pita-based food is common around the world, especially across Arab countries like Lebanon where it originated back the time when people sold their goods at marketplaces instead there principal source of income was agriculture.


No matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply an avid eater of tasty food falafel wraps, they’re likely to become the new snack of choice. Chickpea fried balls comprise of chickpeas mixed with spices such as cumin and coriander together with garlic chili powder. Then, they are shaped into small conesprior to being wrapped in pita. You can enjoy this unique dish at lunch, breakfast or dinner.


Kebbeh, Lebanon’s national dish, has been enjoyed in this region for thousands of years. The ingredients include burghul (a type of cracked wheat) minced onions as well as ground lamb. There are it also includes other meats such as beef or chicken, chopped pine nuts and various spices like salt pepper cumin Cayenne to cinnamon. You can even add spice to the dish by adding chilies. All of these ingredients are thoroughly mixed before being cooked to golden brown before being consumed either raw though more commonly created into small cylinders or cooked over a flame and you can also add vegetables such as green beans in a chimichurri like.


Kheer bandooki can be described as a meat lover’s dream. This delicious street food features ground beef, lamb or chicken that’s been cooked to perfection, then transformed into cigar-shaped cylindrical cylinders before being cooked over an open flame, then grilled on skewers. You can eat them straight off the skewer or wrap your “kafta” (as they’re referred to) in pita bread with salad ingredients of choice whatever are left after you’ve eaten all those juicy pickles of dill.

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